Trading and service business having its presence spread around the globe.

Import Business

i. Optical Fiber and Cable
ii. Broken Rice
iii. Edible Oil
iv. Lubricants & Grease
v. “Stock Lots”: clothing, shoes, fabrics, cosmetics and house hold items.
vi. Hybrid Seeds
vii. Fertilizers & Pesticides (including Organic)
viii. Water Sprinklers
ix. Solar Water Heaters
x. Solar powered water tube wells.
xi. Solar Hybrid Cold Storage Units.
xii. Biogas Units ( Domestic, Commercial and Industrial)
xiii. Gasoil/ Diesel, Gasoline, Base Oil, Naphtha, Solvents, Benzene and other liquid petroleum products.
xiv. LPG including ISO tanks, Auto and Cylinder Filling stations, LPG Cylinders.
xv. All kinds of Trucks including spare parts.
xvi. All kinds of Storage Tanks for Oil & Gas Industries.
xvii. Building Materials including Tiles, Bathroom Fittings, Paints etc)
xviii. Small & Medium Fruit Processing Units.
xix. Small & Medium Dairy Processing Units.
xx. All Kinds of Meat Processing Units.
xxi. Automation and Control System
xxii. Onshore and Offshore Rigs including Jack Up Rigs
xxiii. Steel including Stainless and Alloy Steel, Steel Scraps (Ferrous and Non Ferrous)
xxiv. Industrial chemicals and allied products.
xxv. Bitumen, Sulfur and Petroleum Coke.
xxvi. Power and Alternative Energy Equipments
xxvii. Pulp & Paper Products
xxviii. Office Equipments & Furniture
xxix. Interior Decoration Equipment
xxx. School & College Supplies.
xxxi. Hospital Equipment and Supplies.
xxxii. Pipe line and Fittings all Kinds.

Export Business

i. Fruits & Vegetables
ii. Fruit Juices & Pulps
iii. Grains Locally Produced.
iv. Meat Products including Lamb, Beef, Veal and Goat Meat.
v. Beef Omasum
vi. Rock Phosphate ,Phosphoric Acids, Di Ammonium Phosphate (DAP)
vii. Gelatin
viii. Fish & Fish Oil
ix. Chicken and Eggs
x. Lamb, Beef, Veal and Goat Skins Raw Salted and Processed.
xi. Garments including works clothing.
xii. Gum Arabia
xiii. Jams, Jellies and Marmalades.
xiv. Pickles various types.
xv. Lube Oils
xvi. Waste paper
xvii. Waste Plastics.
xviii. Scrap Metal (Ferrous and Non ferrous)
xix. Lime Stone
xx. Mineral (Various types)
xxi. Used Oil & Tires.
xxii. Furniture.
xxiii. Refurbished Vehicles (Cars, trucks and Bikes).
xxiv. Vegetable Oil & Shortenings
xxv. Tallow (Soap grade)
xxvi. Peanut and Peanut products
xxvii. Biscuits and Bakery Products.
xxviii. Cement Products
xxix. Steel Fabricated Products (Gates, Windows, Fencing etc.)
xxx. Organic & Hybrid Plants.