Engineering Services

ATCO International, Inc., is a process engineering and design-consulting firm that caters to clients who are in need of process engineering support. We can assist you by providing practical and cost-effective engineering solutions to your engineering problems and as a result improve your bottom line. Our typical clients are in Downstream (Refining and Petrochemical) as well as in Upstream (Oil & Gas) business sectors. We have over 15+ years of extensive engineering experience in the Up Steam and Downstream areas of polymers manufacturing, Utilities Wastewater Treatment, Syngas / Hydrogen Reformers, and Aromatics manufacturing. Additionally, our Upstream Oil and Gas experience is in the areas of facilities engineering for field compression stations and pipeline gathering systems as well as providing engineering support for various NGL gas plants.

Project Management Services

ATCO International, Inc., can provide full turn-key teams to handle any size project. Our services are meant for organizations that either do not have the ability to handle a project with the staff on hand, or their current project department is overwhelmed and need a specialized, focused team for a specific project.

ATCO International, Inc., provides Project Management and Construction Management services to the heavy industrial and power production industries. Our unique approach establishes our firm to manage large scale projects as a Project Management Centered Organization rather than an engineering firm or construction firm with project management capabilities.

ATCO International, Inc ., provides highly experienced and skilled Project Management, Construction Management and related technical staffing to oversee the engineering and construction of our clients’ large scale projects.  We can function as the primary lead, sub-contract, or act as an independent third-party to best fit your project or construction needs.

Project Implementation Management Services

ATCO can manage your entire the entire project  from Feasibility Stage to  Engineering, Procurement & Construction  till the project “Trial Run and Operation” on a TURNKEY basis.  Our service solutions provide organizations with full TURN KEY project teams during any life-cycle.  Modern Project Services gives your organization full transparency with easy to use and understand project status reports.  Our project status reports include useful schedule data, risk assessment and financial data such as actual spent to date, financial accruals, and financial forecasting.

For Small, Medium and Large capital intensive projects with multiple suppliers, contractors, and service providers our Projects will have a dedicated Supply chain management team to oversee and enforce contract compliance, warrantees, timelines, and invoicing. They also help oversee the manufacturing, shipping and delivery process. Having a dedicated team to this process ensures each contract is executed as planned and the vendors adhere to their contracts as written and executed.

ATCO provides highly experienced and skilled Construction Management to every project. We team with general contractors and or provide individual labor resources for specific projects depending on the needs and skill required.


ATCO International, inc offers cross-functional specialty to following industries:

  • Fuels (Natural Gas, Methanol, CNG, LPG and LNG)
  • Oil & Gas
  • Petrochemical and Chemical Industry
  • Refinery
  • Alternative Energy (Methanol, Bio Gas, Waste to Heat, Wind and Solar Energy)
  • Industrial and Municipal Waste Treatment
  • Power Plants including Boilers and Efficient use of Steam.
  • Construction Industry.
  • MEP Work ( HVAC, Solar air Conditioning , Pipe line and Pumping Stations).

Procurement  &  Tendering Services

ATCO Procurement has dedicated significant time and effort to become expert in well equipment procurement. Contracting ATCO will give you access to recommendations and it implementation with focus in the goals of your project.

Contracting procedures and processes definition

Some of the services that we provide are listed below:

  • Procurement process assessment and improvement
  • Scope of Work and Work instructions definition
  • Quality assurance system analysis and set up
  • Third parties inspector development

Sourcing strategies evaluation and tendering process assistance

ATCO is in the position to assist in the tendering process.  ATCO, through more than 15 years in the industry, will provide part of the know-how and best practices to ensure a successful outcome.

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