Projects in Hand

S.NoProject TitleClientAssociated WithLocationDescriptionEstimated Project Cost(US$)TargetStatus     
1  Fruit Pulp and Juice PlantANAT SENEGALATCO SENEGAL S.R.LDakar Senegal Fruit Pulp and Juice Plant with a capacity of 3000 liters / hr3000000Project will start July 2018Feasibity Study.
2 Cow and Sheep/Goat Skin TanneryANAT SENEGALATCO SENEGAL S.R.LTouba, Senegal  Cow and Sheep/Goat Skin Tannery14000000Project will start July 2018Feasibity Study.
3  CASSAVA starch plants & Ethanol PlantANAT SENEGALATCO SENEGAL S.R.LDakar Senegal   CASSAVA starch plants with a capacity of 10000 KG/ hr3500000Project will start August 2018Feasibity Study.
4Bio Gas from Cow manure / Agriculture Waste.ANAT SENEGALATCO SENEGAL S.R.LDakar Senegal Bio Gas from Cow manure / Agriculture Waste. Capacity: 1000 TPD12500000Project will start as soon as possibleFeasibity Study.
520 MWp Solar Power Plant (Senegal)ANAT SENEGALATCO SENEGAL S.R.LMatam,Senegal 20 MWp Solar Power Plant (Senegal)35000000as soon as possibleFeasibity Study.
6Quick Lube Facility Senegal & Used Oil Recyclying ProjectANAT SENEGALATCO SENEGAL S.R.LWhole of Seegal200 Units of Quick Lube units & Used lube oil Re-Refining with acid & clay Plant 25 ton/ Per Day 5000000as soon as possibleFeasibity Study.
7LPG Storage Facilities using ISO -LPG Tank Conatiners and LPG Cylinder filling & AUTO Gas Station.ANAT SENEGALATCO SENEGAL S.R.LDakar Senegal CAPACITY: 5,000 Tons/ Month25000000as soon as possibleFeasibity Study.
8Modern agriculture farming using latest technology, Solar water tube wells & hybrid seedsANAT SENEGALATCO SENEGAL S.R.LRural SenegalHundreds of hectares of Agriculture land.
9Municipal Solid Wate to Gas ProjectANAT/ Local Government, Dakar, SenegalATCO SENEGAL S.R.LDakar Senegal CAPACITY: 2000 TPD.150000000as soon as possibleFeasibity Study.