Bio Gas Plant in Landi Cattle Colony


ATCO International, Inc has conducted Technical and Financial Study for the  setting up of a Bio Gas Plant in one of the biggest cattle colony of Karachi, i.e. “Landhi Cattle Colony”. This colony has a population of around 350,000 cattle. It will produce 26,000 Metric Tons of Methane per year (365 days). The Landhi Cattle Colony Biogas Project can kill several birds with one stone. It does not only address the environmental issue but also the issue of poverty reduction as well. The project aims to utilize cattle/buffalo dung and convert it into methane gas for cooking and heating purposes.

The proposed project would be State of Art Bio-gas system with capacity of generating 100,000 m3 of methane daily which should be sufficient to run TWELVE CNG STATIONS without any Natural Gas Supply from Gas Company, it can supply 15000 Vehicles CNG at a very low cost. The target beneficiaries are 1,674 people of Landhi who are suffering from acute power shortage and the nuisance created due to open cattle dung. It will also benefit 55,100 people indirectly.


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