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Welcome to ATCO International, Inc.

ATCO International, Inc., was incorporated as a Texas Corporation in 2000 to provide Technical assistance and guidance to the U.S Engineering and Technology companies to obtain projects in the Middle East, South & Central Asia, and West Africa.

Our staff of Professionals Engineers has many years of experience in Petro-Chemical, Alternative Energy including but limited to Solar, Wind and Bio Gas (Waste to Energy), Sugar, Steel Mills, Pulp & Paper, Textile, Jute, Food & Diary Industry, Power Generation, and the Environmental Planning.

Additionally, our Upstream Oil and Gas experience is in the areas of facilities engineering for field compression stations and pipeline gathering systems as well as providing engineering support for various LPG and LNG gas projects.

ATCO International, Inc has been working as a Technical consultant for various Solar Power Projects in Pakistan, Iran, Zambia, Angola, and Senegal ranging from 5-10 MW.

ATCO International, Inc. is a multi-disciplinary engineering consulting firm with industrial research, planning, coordination, and environmental work with offices in Houston, Texas, the U.S.A, and Pakistan with ATCO representatives in the Middle East, South & Central Asia, and West Africa.

ATCO is an advisor and consultant to Foster Wheeler Corporation, USA (FWC) for Pakistan. Foster Wheeler Corporation, USA had hired ATCO International, Inc., to provide services related to engineering, procurement, construction, installation, operation, and start-up of the Hydrocarbon processing facility for two projects in Pakistan (Pakistan Refinery Limited and Attock Oil Refinery)[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

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